Journal Entry #1

weekly%20schedule-2-2 The TEDtalk featuring Simon Sinek was truly inspiring. The concept behind “Why, How, and What?” gave me a different perspective when it comes to certain goals that one may hope to attain. His opinion on how apple is able to sell all of these devices while starting off as a computer company was brilliant. Its the idea of thinking of the why first that results in the how and the what. While reflecting on my own “Why, How, What?” I’ve come to the realization that I too see the “why” before pondering about the “what”. By approaching your goal through the “why” you enable yourself to chase the dream rather than the money behind it. This is something that I think about when it comes to my art; rather than wanting to sell my art just for the money, I look at my art as a creation that stems from my own imagination therefore, by adding a price tag to it would deter from the overall value of the piece. My “why” would be the my goal or something that I plan to achieve in life, it would be my very reason to develop greatness. My “how” would be looked upon as my approach towards my goal/achievement. Lastly, my “what” would be the actual goal/achievement in itself. After watching this TEDtalk I came to realize that by using the three step process anyone can achieve greatness.

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