Self Portrait 9/15

Self Portraitimg_2946

My overall approach to this piece was to make sure that I had gotten all of the finer details from the original image onto the Bristol 11×14 paper. Such details included strands of hair as well as the direction in which the hair moved around my head in the image. It made for quite and interesting task especially when getting the actual flow of the hair to match that of the actual image.

From there it was honestly all about the features that I wanted to capture from the actual image. This included the little lip bite that is seen; I tried my best to capture that texture and motion of actually biting the bottom lip, as seen from the shading I did around the mouth and side portions of the mouth. By using specific elements of design I was able to truly get the ideal look that I was going for in the drawing. Such elements stem from getting the same lighting and shading from both the original image and the drawing. I wanted to make sure that the drawing shared the same balance between the darker parts and the parts where the light just naturally hit my figure. The shirt design took more time than I had thought and I wanted to make sure that I matched it perfectly with the original. The design approach I took with this was drawing lines between the start and endpoint of the pattern on the shirt. The material of the original shirt is that of wool so, I wanted to get that fuzzy and soft feel of the shirt in the drawing. I shaded in the truly dark parts of the image and the made sure to keep those parts that, were light, unshaded. To get certain aspects of my hair correct I wanted to use lightly drawn lines to get a even more realistic feel to it. I also put light lines around the little hair follicles that I had on my chin and on some portion of the upper lip. On some parts of the shirt I used light lines to sort of outline the shirt in order to give it a softer feel. The rest of the piece had many dark and heavy lines drawn in order to full capture the entirety of the image. Such darkness focused around the eyes and mainly the face of the portrait. Such dark lines around the face was used in order to contrast it with the lightness of the hair and the lightness of the shirt. I went for this look of contrast in order to keep the image balanced and to give it a more lively feel. Rather than simply having dark lines everywhere, this adds more depth to the image itself. I used a 0.5mm mechanical pencil for this portrait mainly because it could do both light and heavy lines. It was a simple tool to use and it truly achieved its purpose. The style of the original image is something that I found interesting and is also the reason as to why I chose to use it as my self portrait. The angle in which my body was facing, was something that I truly found interesting and chose to use it for the self portrait. The angle showed more action and gave greater depth to the drawing rather than having a regular frontal image. Getting all of the key details in the portrait was what I was aiming for. I wanted to get all of the fine details such as the texture of the shirt, the flow of the hair, as well as the way the light hit my face and where there was shadow. This piece reflects not only my own image but also gives off a bit more depth in the way the image was set.

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