Project 1: Name Project


                                                                                                                                                                       Shoebox, Shoelaces, Pins, 11” x 14”, 2015

Arun Fernando
Artist Statement

My name in itself means “new beginning”, the literal definition in Sinhalese is “when the sun rises once more”. The reasoning behind my fusion of laces and thumbtacks heavily relates to my life in New York City. The area of New York City that I am from consists of broken streets, gang activity, police brutality and an overall chaotic scenery. Growing up the best feeling in the world for me was getting a brand new pair of sneakers. With a new pair I felt as though I was on top of the world; anything that had been disastrous now ceased to exist. Getting a new pair of sneakers was in fact a new beginning for me, a fresh start that would lead me to greater heights. Such is why I associated my name with that of sneakers and shoe laces. The thumbtacks that hold my name together reflect the struggles that I have endured as an adolescent living in New York. This is also why I molded my name on such a rough background, a ripped and torn sneaker box that reflects the barren streets. My name, much like my sneakers, is a new beginning for me and will allow me to move forward on my journey out of the rugged streets into greatness. The shape and form of my design is unique in the sense that the words most have a graffiti feel to it. The words are somewhat jumbled together and flow in a way that gives it more depth. The space and form of the words also resemble that of New York graffiti, something that was very common where I lived.

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