The Life of Boog 1+2 (First Flipbook)


flipbook project2 from Arun Fernando on Vimeo.

For this flip book assignment the artist that I chose was none other than Ub Iwerks. Five of the shorts that I watched from Ub Iwerks included: “Humpty Dumpty”, “The Three Bears”,  “Steamboat Willie”, “Fiddlesticks” and “Jack Frost”. My overall design for my character Boog, did not really stem from any of Ub Iwerks designs. Rather I was influenced by the way he drew the eyes of his characters, for the eyes were what conveyed a lot of the emotion in the characters faces.

This is where I attempted to get more of my looks from. For example, in any of Ub Iwerks animations, but specifically looking at “The Three Bears” when little Goldie locks was in awe or tired her eyes were what conveyed much of that emotion (Ub Iwerks, “The Three Bears”). This also goes for the shots and motion of the animation. While my motion may not be as smooth as Ub Iwerks I was trying to go for that fluidity. The same goes for the shots. In animations such as “Steamboat Willie” there were scenes that had the regular camera view, in which, you could see all characters and objects on screen. Then there were scenes that just captured the characters faces to show some form of deeper expression (Ub Iwerks, “Steamboat Willie”); that is why in my flip book I have some scenes that show the whole picture and scenes that just zoom in on the character. As for posing of the characters in my flip book I found it difficult to try and capture Ub Iwerks fluidity of his characters and attempted at my own poses to keep the motion of my animation more smooth. Going into the smoothness of my animation I would have to say that my greatest moment of smoothness would be when the doctor approaches Boog, takes the “flying object” out of his head and then vanishes. This scene goes from frames 32-48. The fluidity of this scene and these frames was by far the best I had achieved at the moment and for my first run through of this flip book. As for my less smooth scenes,those occurred between frames 18-21 when Boog and Mrs. Boog were suppose to be on some sort of stroll during the night and the “moving object” appears. I wasn’t able to get the whole moving scene between these frames and the introduction of the object was not well done either. One way to better these frames could have been by adding a constant background change between frames 18 and 20 to really get that movement feel to the animation. The overall character design for Boog, Mrs. Boog and the Doctor was quite easy. My focus for the design did not really stem from and Ub Iwerks animation but rather the eyes of my characters did. The one action that was unclear was when Boog is hit by the ball. It was unclear how or why the object got there,but I feel as though it helped to the shock of this “moving object”. A better way to convey this action would have been to show a scene of someone maybe throwing the object rather than it randomly appearing. My method for pose and motion to convey the sense of shock was used through the eyes and what were suppose to be eyebrows on the characters. It was somewhat successful but it definitely could have been better when looking at how I drew the eyes. One way I could have made the characters look even more shocked could have been by making their eyes pop out more to convey that real sense of shock and awe. After redoing the animation a second time around I definitely made some changes to the overall story. I got rid of Mrs. Boog and the doctor and focused solely on Boog and the “mysterious object”. This helped with the flow of the animation. One change in character design that I made was the eyes of Boog; I made them more Ub Iwerks like. The motion that improve in the second iteration was the flow of the characters and the running scene from the object(s). This occurs in frames 16-24 in which I made the moon move to get that sense of motion from the characters. The overall animations in my second iteration were much better than the first and the story was much clearer in the second animation.

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