Project 2: Abstraction Piece


                                                                                                                               Photographs, Markers, 2015

For this piece I was going for a rather different abstract look. I wanted to actually hand draw the abstract pieces onto the original images in order to achieve a more dynamic look. My original concept was to have a series of shapes over lapping one another, however I later decided to make the piece more flexible and added more curves and lines. I also added a fourth point to my abstractions, such as the cube like planes and other four dimensional figures. For many of my abstractions I feel as though I used purpose and emotion when drawing up some of the shapes to add more depth to the overall effect of the pieces. Each of the abstractions are interpretations of the original image. They are used to define the finer points in the kitchen which is why I used the sink as a focal point for my piece. It is where food may be prepared, where dishes are cleaned, and is a foundation in any kitchen. I did not fill any of my abstractions because the kitchen is open to countless possibilities and creations, the blankness of the abstractions allows for the viewer to fill their own ideas and thoughts of the kitchen into the abstraction.

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