Imaginary Landscape 2 (Final)

Arun-Fernando-PROJECT-2-LANDSCAPEThis was the second attempt at the imaginary landscape piece. For this piece I was going for a very dark theme which is why I chose to dim the brightness in the overall image. The original background in itself was dark and the lightning really added greater depth to the background. I used the dark ship, the sink hole and the shark fin, as well as the violet like moon. This project was much more successful than my last project based on the fact that I was able to blend my images much better, create dark and light themes within the piece and changed  effects based upon this very darkened theme. I find that the strongest part to this image is the sink hole. It adds such great meaning to the overall work and truly defines the image. You can see this dark hole open in the ocean and devour the water around it. Some points that I wish i could have done better would be the overall layering of the ship, I feel as though some of its shadowing was too dark and you could not really get the finer details of it, however I played around with the contrast and the rendering of it to get a more vivid look at the ship.

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