Journal Entry 4









For this week I’ve put about 3-4 hours of work each day into my artwork for class. Such things include the eight inch drawing of a scenery using different weight lines, the shape drawing with shadow, and the art book rough sketches. The shape exercise was a bit more smooth than before and I feel myself becoming much more comfortable with drawing shapes. As for the shadow aspect it was difficult for me to get all even lines for the shadow at first. However, as a began to try more and more times the shadowing became more “life-like” and more solid in each figure. The scenery drawing was much better for me the second time around and I enjoyed being able to se different line weights rather than even line weights for the whole image. This exercise is great because I usually struggle with scenery drawing, I see it as one of my weak points, so this will definitely help. I hope to get much better through these exercises and continue to practice these skill sets.

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