Project 3: Points in the Kitchen Final Abstraction


When it comes to balance the artwork attracts the viewers eye in a way that allows them to follow each abstraction thoroughly without having them wander around the image too much. The rhythm is also fairly strong; the vibrant colors as well as the different designs are a constant pattern throughout the overall image. It adds a certain quality that draws in the viewer. The framing was something of great importance to me; I wanted to make sure that the design stood out from its surroundings, which is why I blended the colors together. By doing so I was able to frame the abstraction in a way that brings forth all aspects rather than having each individual image interact with the viewer. Transparency was also a key factor in this design. I made sure to overlap and layer different shapes and colors over one another to make for a more unique and distinct look. In accordance to the “Graphic and Design by Nature” book, transparency allows for pale and bland images to look much more unique when placed over another image.

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