Accordion Book: A Day in the Life









The accordion book was a truly different piece for me. While I enjoyed the drawing aspect of the piece the challenging part was actually crafting the book. It took me roughly two hours to make the book and to get the precise measurements so that it did not look odd. However, once I finally made the book it was a pleasure drawing my daily life with this sort of flowing motion. The drawing in itself connects from the moment I wake up to the time that I fall asleep. The simplicity of my drawing is unique in which I was able to add in minor details to each panel. The only negative aspect in my piece is the last panel; for  that image I used far too much detail and could have gave it a more clean and simple look like the others. For the cover I wanted to make it elegant which is why I used such a fluid type of writing. The clay like blob symbolizes my life, which is all mushed together in this book yet maintains a certain structure and focus. My lines for this piece are clean and simple, I used pencil at first and then inked over the pencil to get a more direct and bold look for my drawing.

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