Journal Entry 5

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When calculating the amount of hours that I put outside of class to the amount of credit hours I have, I believe that I am doing fairly well. So, in total I have a 15 credit hour schedule and outside of my classes I put aside anywhere from 6-7 hours of work each day into “studio time”. This means that I am using 6-7 more hours of my day, putting aside the normal 5-6 hours of class time, into my major. Based upon the work I produce and the level of seriousness that I have for my major I would say that my grade for this class at the moment would be a B. In my journal I am also including my black and white stripes drawing. I wanted to invert the images because I feel as though the inversion makes the image pop out more and it is a truly beautiful filter. As for my drawing I definitely want to redo my image because I feel that I chose an awkward angle to draw from. Also, the leveling and sizing between each strip was not done to my best ability and could have been better. However, I was able to capture the correct level of darkness with the charcoal and that came out well. I do plan on redrawing the image and will upload it again with the revised version.

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