Abstraction of Seasons


Abstraction of seasons from Arun Fernando on Vimeo.

For my abstraction the overall goal was to depict the four season; fall, winter, spring, summer, while using a series of shapes and colors. I feel as though my abstraction came out successful and I was, in fact, able to show the beauty and nature of each of the four seasons. One scene in particular that I was fond of is my transition between the spring and the summer. The way I moved the flower pedals during the spring scene was nicely done and the scene that cuts between the spring and summer scene was also well constructed. Two artists that highly influenced my piece were Oskar Fischinger and Len Lye. Being that these artists did not necessarily do abstraction pieces based on the seasons, their art style and overall expression of their pieces are what influenced my work. One piece in particular from Fischinger was “Studie nr 8”, his use of simple shapes to make unique images was one style of artwork that highly influenced my abstraction. Len Lye’s overall style was what truly inspired me; his use of vibrant colors and shapes were similar looks that I was going for. Such examples of these vibrant colors can be seen in “Kaleidoscope” and “Rainbow Dance”. I was not going for his style in filming and movement, but rather the way he used expressive colors to portray a greater depth to the overall piece. When it comes to my piece I believe that my strongest motions are during the summer scene. This scene had the smoothest motion throughout my overall animation mainly because the way in which the scene was introduced and ended was simply perfect in my opinion. It was perfect in comparison to the other scenes in my animation; the movement of the shapes and the flow from the spring scene to the summer were definitely the strongest scene in my animation.

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