Project 4: Beauty in Nature (Poster)









For my poster I wanted to truly highlight the beauty and breathtaking effect that the Labyrinth Tree reflected. The way the light hit the tree when I took this image was phenomenal, it brightened the leaves to give it that “fall is here” look which added to the overall depth of the piece. I added very little filter to the image due to the already superb effects that the tree gave itself. I also added leaves to act as a back layer for the poster to give it that autumn like feel. By adding a frame to the piece it gave it a structural form that is often seen in posters; it set direct contact to the tree and is what captures the eyes of the audience. The state of flow in the image is also powerful and gives life to the work as a whole. The transcending lines that go down as you read “Beauty in Nature” gives off a vibrant feeling that makes one feel as though they are in the midst of leaves falling down on them. It’s form and color give the piece a seasonal theme and add to the overall nature of the work.

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