Art Gallery Write Up















The art gallery that was held at Alfred University was superb. The art work at this show was breathtaking and included some very unique and iconic pieces of work. The images that I have placed in this write up are just a few of the many beautiful works that were presented at the gallery. The top two images were just amazing in the overall lining and geometric patterns used to create such an intricate piece of artwork. In person this piece popped out at the view and felt as though you could almost touch the woman that is depicted in the piece. The bottom right image was crafted by a Chinese artist whose artwork reflected much of the Chinese culture with an urban twist to it. As seen in the image it is supposed to be a Chinese man with a traditional Chinese painting of a dragon on his face. The craftsmen ship of this piece was simply phenomenal and gave me such inspiration; the way he captured the two images together was so appealing to the eyes. Lastly, the crafted gas mask was my favorite piece at the gallery. The overall artistic skill in making this piece was amazing. The switch from two dimensional to three dimensional when looking at this piece was just an awesome feature that made it expand as a whole. The gallery was great and I enjoyed seeing the variety of artwork that was present at the showing.

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