Movie Poster Dada

movie-poster- mvie poster

For this project I created a movie poster based on the film “V for Vendetta” using the artistic style of dada. Compared to my first draft (left) my final version (right) carries a more dada-esc feel. What I changed between the draft and the final was that I made it more messy, in the fact that its not lined up or cleanly placed like regular images. This is because dada art does not follow the norms of modern art and deals with a lot of overlays, which is what I have done for my movie poster, as well as making some of the words all jumbled and out of order. I also added fake production images to give it that movie poster feel. My final poster definitely gives off a more dada like feel to it and truly takes after the out of order and displaced look that is evident in dada art.

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