Project 5: T-Shirt Design









For this project the goal was to create a graphic design using scale, depth and motion which I would then put on a shirt. For my design I used a silhouette of the side of my face because I wanted to portray the sense that I am veering into deep thought. The word “habitual” coincides with the city skyline, due to the fact that I am from New York City, I am accustomed and familiar with the “city-life” and it is something that is natural to me. I used scale change with the wording in order to create depth within the image. While the “H” stands out to the viewer, it also acts as a border and draws attention to the rest of the word. The scale change of my face balanced my work as a whole by allowing both the image of the city to somewhat merge with my face; as if I were coming from the cityscape. I balanced my design with a sense of harmony between the black and white in the image. This also gives it a rhythm that brings life to the piece as a whole. The little white spaces that are evident within the work; such as the space around my face, on some of my clothes, and even in the word, allows for the image to breathe and does not drown the image in a plethora of patterns and designs. There is a formality to the work that enables a compositional flow to work within the image. Not only is it appealing to the eye, but it is also something that looks superb on a shirt.

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