Chair Project


The chair project was definitely one of the more strenuous projects that was assigned to the class. Having to deal with the constant change in positions of the chair each day you went to look at it was somewhat irksome. However, I find that my eye for detail as well as my skill in shading, texture, and even balance greatly improved due to this project. Getting the actual shape of the chair before adding in any detail at all took some time. The chair that I drew had a slight tilt in it, so getting that tilt as well as getting the lines of the cloth to line up perfectly also to quite a while. I find that my drawing contains a certain level of depth that gives the piece both tone and definition. While I could work on this piece for years trying to perfect it; I find that I was successfully able to draw this figure with the right level of balance and contrast. When you look at this piece I want the viewer to get a sense of perfection in imperfection. Being that the chair originally had a tilt in it, I found that it was imperfect in the sense that it was not upright. Yet, I also saw this beauty in its overall design and the way the cloth draped over it was just stupendous.

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