Journal 9




For the animal project I have chosen the giant tortoise as my endangered species. The main weakness that makes the tortoise such a vulnerable creature is the fact that it is slow in movement. Such slow movement makes it a target for other predators and makes it harder for them to attain food from much faster creatures. So, in order to help out my tortoise I have given it motor wheels that it can place on its feet. These motor wheels contain a sensor on the front and back that locates food for the tortoise as well as any incoming predators that may be lurking. Based upon the distance of each depends on the speed at which the motors will run. Along with the motorized wheels I have also included and zero gravity belt around the rim of the turtles shell that activates when it is motion. This belt is used to lessen the weight of the turtles shell, which slows it down, as well as gives it greater speed when moving with the motorized wheels.

The last image is my drawing from the Terracotta that was done on Friday. It is a close up of a coffee mug.

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