Rosa Menkman Glitch Artist

Glitch Artist: Rosa Menkman
Rosa Menkman is a truly phenomenal glitch artist. She is both an artist and theorist who focuses mainly on visual noise artifacts, which are results from accidents in both analog and digital media. Menkman emphasizes the positive outlook on such forms of glitch, whereas many other people would view them in a negative light. She states that “their positive consequences facilitates an important insight into the otherwise obscure alchemy of standardization” ( Menkman’s overall glitch design is unique in the sense that she will take images that may already have specific coding within it and she alters this code to a more spontaneous and flamboyant piece of artwork. Even the various websites that she has created use this “glitch” like effect. Her creative outlook is breathtaking in the fact that she would simply create a space in the data of each piece that allows her to get the different effects, the spinning words, images and even the almost televised look in her artwork. Menkman’s reason behind going into glitch art is somewhat broad; her main reasoning behind glitch art was that she found imperfections in something such as technology, which is supposed to be this perfect and revolutionary creation. By creating art out of it, she emphasizes the fact that every technology possesses its own inherent accidents. Rosa Menkman’s work at first glance has this effect on the viewer that truly hypnotizes them. At first your striving to know what exactly what is going on in the image and as you make your way around the piece you grow more fond of it and discover you own meaning behind each work. She utilizes a series of patterns, shapes, colors, effects, and even visual prowess to truly capture the glitch effect in all of her pieces. Not only has she created still images of glitch, but she has also created videos that demonstrate the different glitches that she is able to make.

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