Biomorphic Animal


For the biomorphic animal project I chose to use a giant tortoise as my endangered species. The Latin name for tortoise is actually testudinidae, which not only refers to the tortoise, but is also the broad classification of all turtles. They are usually located on a variety of lands and based upon the shape of their shell will tell you what type of terrain they live under. If their shell is dome shaped then it lives in a rainy habitat. If the shell is somewhat smaller and similar to a saddleback the conditions are much drier. The main reason the tortoise is endangered is due to the fact that it is extremely slow. The lack of speed prevents it from getting food before other animals and also leaves it vulnerable to predators. In order to help “enhance” my tortoise I gave it motor powered wheels that will help it move much faster. On these mechanic wheels are sensors that allow it to know how far a meal and/or a predator is from the tortoise. The distance from the target determines the speed of the wheels. Along with these wheels is a “zero gravity belt” around the shell of the tortoise. This lessens the weight of its heavy shell, which will allow it to move with much more fluidity and with even greater speed.

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