When I first came into this class, I feel as though my art was one dimensional and I was somewhat narrow minded in my outlook of art in general. I constantly moved towards a more comic like art style that I grew familiar with. While it is not bad that I enjoy this style of art, it would have been better for me to open my horizons more to the other various forms of art. In a sense I put myself in this bubble, unable to truly branch out of my shell. However, after taking foundations my bubble has grown much larger and not only has my artistic style been enhanced, but my appreciation of art has grown enormously. I find myself analyzing everything around me thinking about the various blends of colors the contours the vast differences in shapes and sizes of objects. I have learned to take what little art skill I had and applied it to essentially everything. Such can be said about my mask piece when comparing it to my previous works. This piece is different because I had a completely different perspective when drawing. Rather than drawing my mask straight on and giving the viewer the whole image, I gave myself a focal point; somewhere that gave the viewer enough to know that it is a mask, but also allowed for them to see the finer details of my mask. I have learned to give myself a larger canvas and to work in ways that I was never truly comfortable working with. In doing so my artistic skill has increased and will continue to grow from here on out.

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