Final Exam Project




For my final exam project I wanted to base my research on owls and the variety of ways owls may be portrayed in a realistic, animated, spiritual, and religious manner. When animating it’s extremely useful to know different ways to portray an object. In the case of an owl, one may need to know how wings way be shaped, the different types of owls, how its talons look open and closed; as well as the profile of the owl. Upon researching my owl I found that its wings spread in this majestic manner and whenever I looked at an image or sculpture of an owl its wings were always spread wide. Even when the wings are closed they portray a certain dominance that truly captivates the viewer. The tonality and rhythm of each feather on the owl lays down a fruitful pattern that separates this nocturnal bird from others. Another key element of design when looking at an owl is it’s eyes and beak. An owl’s eyes are what indicates the keen sight of this creature. Even when portrayed as a mythological creature or as a man, the owl is given these large eyes that indicates its sharp vision that spans across a large area. When thinking from an animation perspective, the owl’s eyes are what finishes the creature. It gives it a great deal of depth that informs the viewer of its nocturnal vision. For my overall design of this compilation of various images of owls, I wanted to do my best to show how owls may be portrayed in various lights rather than just the normal flying bird. There are many owls that are shown in mythology, animations, and even in comic books. All of these various designs, however, stay true to the overall design of the owl. This of course creates true diversity within all of the designs while still maintaining the same principles and elements of an owl. When developing my project, my aim was to focus on how owls are portrayed through a variety of artistic manners. Thought these different styles and techniques I was able to find key traits that all of them still maintained throughout their artwork. Such traits included the wings of the owl, a portrayal of wisdom, large round eyes, a sharp and small beak, and sharp talons. When thinking about animation these are all key traits that will be of great use when animating an owl.



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