Journal #1: Caricature drawing, Blind Contour and Chapter Summary


In Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art” chapter one focused a lot on the basis of comics and familiarizing oneself with comic books. One key point that grabbed my attention was his notion of “PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE”. This notion of practice makes perfect is something I completely agree upon and find that in order to become a better artist you must practice all of the time. Another key concept tackled in chapter one was the large range that comics covered. There is such a large variety of comics and stories that one must truly decide which type is best for them. I also found it interesting how comics have progressed over time and their use in various places not just in comic books. Chapter two talked about icons and the vocabulary of comics. This idea that pictures are fluid and variable is something that I agree upon and in the world of comics there is no set look for characters. The best point from chapter two was McCloud’s examination of the cartoon/comic and how many people, young and old, can relate better to these non realistic and fictional characters than real life individuals. And it stems from this concept that when looking at a cartoon or comic we can indulge ourself into this world away from reality. We can create a space for ourselves that we find comforting, a place of solitude for us to be ourselves.


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