Japanese Feudal Lord Origami Project

Paper-Origami Paper-Origami_2

This is the feudal lord origami piece, hand crafted many years ago by various Japanese Feudal Lords. It’s sole purpose was to symbolize power and structure and was usually crafted by the townspeople in honor of the feudal lord. Once crowned feudal lord, the new lord must craft his own version of this origami masterpiece as an opening to his new reign. Once the lord has passed on the next of kin shall burn this piece as a token of appreciation to the previous feudal lord. While in reign the feudal lord requests that everyone craft this origami piece and keep at least two of them in each household. It is said to bring good fortune and protection over every family if this is done. Some people even craft mini versions of the feudal lord origami to have as a carry on item. This was mainly used for fathers that were traveling or men who were heading into war.

This origami piece follows a thorough use of balance and rhythm that I find quite appealing to the eye. It has a variety of colors that bring a unique harmonious feel to the work as a whole. I used four origami modular cubes for both the head, upper, and lower body for the feudal lord. The traditional Japanese helmet was also added to create this idea of superiority. The side arches were used to create this kimono like origami structure, which worked fairly well and creates this sense of elegance. There is also proportion to the work as well, in which when split down the middle both sides of the feudal lord are identical.

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