Form and Motion Silhouette (Arun, Yoko, and Zero)



(Left image is the first product; the right image is the final product)

This piece invokes a wonder in the viewers eye as to whether or not the person at the edge of the cliff is reaching to help out the person falling or if she is, in fact, the person who pushed him off of the cliff. As for the person at the very end of the cliff, it can be interpreted that she is either lunging forward to throw something or in complete shock at what she is witnessing. The scene depicts a betrayal, perhaps a heartbreak, of the most devastating proportions. Someone has just decided to push their friend off of a very dangerous cliff for unknown reasons, as their other friend looks on in shock and horror. The composition of the image leads the viewer from the falling figure to the person pushing them, then to the shocked person, and then down to the rocky depths below. The piece uses strong leading lines to assure that the motion remains steady.

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