Canon Story for Character: Khadalla

The year is 0 A.D-X; a great holy war has erupted over the killing of the Yasu, a holy and biblical figure that was supposed to bring forth peace between the upper and lower worlds. Without the power of the Yasu both demons and angels wreak havoc amongst one another in an endless battle. Being that the “great lord” is the father of the Yasu this has truly enraged the upper world. The human world suffers dearly during this long and forsaken battle between beings on a completely different caliber. The two main forces that control this war are both the “great lord” and the ruler of the lower lord, the “Demon Lord”. During the battle between both rulers the “great lord” overwhelmed the demon lord immensely tearing off both his right arm and left eye, as well as fracturing his imperial horns (which to those of the lower world, represents a sign of high status). Enraged and filled with anger and hate towards those of the lower world, the “great lord” showed no mercy when in the eyes of demons, whether they be women or children, the elderly, or the sick. Among those in front of his rage was the demon lords pregnant wife. In an instant the “great lord” reached his hand deep inside of the demon lords wife, in which, he took hold of their unborn child. This small fetus however, had an enormous reading of energy. Surprised by this, the “great lord” saw only what could be of the boy in the future; a great help to the sake of mankind, or the very core of destruction that will in time bring death to the world. In an instant he called off his angels and ended this holy war, in doing so he also kidnapped the demon lord’s son. With no name or proper uprising the young boy came to be known only as Khadalla (a portmanteau of the Arabic words Khadim and Allah meaning “God’s Servant”).
As time progresses some 2,000 years have passed and we find a slightly older Khadalla ( he’s roughly 18 in human years). However, he has not been raised in this holy paradise that other angels experience in the upper world. He has been cast away and lives in the “slums” of the holy world in vast darkness only able to see the light when he is called upon by the “great lord”. He wears a torn cloth that covers most of his body. He has dark bags under his eyes due to the lack of exposure to light. He is around six feet tall. He is quite arrogant at times but mainly refrains from showing too many emotions. He dislikes fighting but has been well trained and worked to perfect both his spiritual and physical body. His hair and eyes are a deep shadow black and his skin is somewhat pale but has some color due to the fact that he is also from demonic lineage. His sole purpose in this world now is to hunt his own kind as a slave to the the “great lord”. On his back he carries a giant cross with chains that wrap around his shoulders. Encased in this giant cross is all of Khadalla’s demonic powers which has grown immensely over time. The cross, however, has been attached to his back using angelic powers and the only way he may unleash both the cross and his powers is under dire circumstances, in which, his life or the lives of the innocent are in danger. In this situation he must get on his knees and pray to the “great lord” who shall send down his hand and unbind the chains that hold Khadalla. In that instance all of Khadalla’s powers will be unleashed and he will revert back to imperial form in which he looks more like a demon lord. At first hunting his own kind was something that Khadalla had to mentally get over. He found no need for fighting at a young age until the “great lord” showed him the evil that dwells within demons from the lower world. After the great holy war, the demon lord entered a slumber, in which his brother took the throne and wreaked havoc amongst the human world. Corrupting the sins and evils within people was the easiest way to strengthen the lower world. (In fact the demon lords brother is the one who killed the Yasu and ultimately started the Holy War). Khadalla now works as a “demon hunter” for the “great lord” and attempting to end the tyranny of his uncle. Under this “holy”reign Khadalla must fight for both the humans and the upper world, while attempting to save his own people of the lower world and bring some form of peace and balance between the worlds.

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