Wood Carving Project: Inner Turmoil









The overall vision for my wood carving is inner turmoil. At one point in everyone’s life we face this inner conflict with our self, whether it be due to our past or previous actions that have rendered us in a state of self reflection. That is what this piece represents; our ability to look our “demons” in the face and come to terms with our inner turmoil. The use of a church signifies this “holy ground” that, in society, is one of many ways that people accept what they have done and are forgiven. This idea of forgiveness is also representative of my piece. Learning three dimensional design has helped me when it relates to my work in the Digital Media and Animation program through a variety of ways. It has allowed me to learn shaping and structure, to truly understand how certain limbs or joints may be formed and how using different perspectives can create different illusions. In the DMA program many of my classes entail creating great depth within my artwork and even my character designs. By learning three dimensional design it has only added to my foundation and will definitely enable me to create more dynamic and elaborate pieces of work.

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