Comic Book Final Project: Japanese Creation Story

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The creation story that I have chosen is based on Japanese culture. In this specific scene Izanagi (the male god) is angered by the death of his wife Izanami (the female god) after she gave birth to their son, a fire deity. In his moment of grief and anger Izanagi takes is longest sword and beheads his son. From the blood of the sword sprung three elements of earth, two of fire, and one of water; all elements needed to create a sword. 

From “Understanding Comics” the author makes a point as to how Japanese comics take a different approach to western comics. Such points helped me to focus as to how I wanted to make my comic. He talks about how in Japanese comics certain characters are drawn with more realism in order to convey a feeling of “otherness” to the reader. That is what I did with my characters. Because they are deities I wanted them to feel like so. They have this overwhelming feel to them based off of how I have drawn them in order to emphasize their “godliness”. As for the layout and structure of my comic I have taken note of the subject-to-subject and action-to-action transitions for my comic. Scott McCloud in  “Understanding Comics” talks about how transitions such as these are necessary for the reader to grasp the situation at hand. Even without dialougue the viewer should be able to get a sense as to what is going on with these two types of transitions. In my comic I have conveyed both transitions thoroughly as to the point where the viewer can grasp the conflict and story. 

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