Self Portrait









For my self portrait the image that I wanted to draw was one of me sort of gazing at the camera in this mysterious and suttle manner. The reason for this is because when I describe myself I see myself as this mysterious character, someone that is to themself yet is capable of making an impact. Which is why I chose to incorporate a lighter in my hand to give off this light that shines in my hand. The image itself came out fairly well and I am pleased with how the it looks. I love the shading across my face it truly gives depth to the image as a whole and even though the shadow is flat it has this uplifting nature to it that makes the image pop. The layers of the hoodie that I am wearing were also fun to draw and shade, especially the rim of the hood. When someone sees this self portrait I want them to see me and this young man who is on the verge of greatness as he stares into the viewers eyes.

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