Peer Critique Midterm

For my peer critique I chose to look at the work of Yoko Mochizuki and her walking cycle:

At first glance Yoko’s character motion looks well balanced and spacing between frames is great. However, her character almost feels like a cloud in that the touches to the ground are somewhat light and don’t really give the sense that gravity is weighing down. Her range of motion is evident and matches fairly well with the reference footage that she used for her model. This may seem somewhat picky, but her characters left leg almost seems as though the knee is poking out; so when the model walks it almost has this awkward twist in the leg. However, there is great stretch and bounce in her character to give it life. The swaying of her characters arms is also very nice and has great range of motion. Her addition of making the character blink is also a great example of detail. Yoko’s overall execution of her walk cycle was superb.

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