Over the progression of this course I have definitely seen a great improvement in my work and overall growth when it comes to working with 3D models. This was my first time ever animating in maya and using a rig. The first assignment, the ball, wasn’t as difficult as I had thought it to be. It taught me some of the key elements of animation and was a great opener. As projects progressed and we moved on to the walking project that is when I faced some challenges. For the walk I definitely knew that I needed some improvement. I had trouble with making the feet seem as though they were not sliding across the floor. The overall smoothness of the animation was weak and Norman felt like a stiff robot.

Moving on to the sitting project I noticed a minor improvement. I still needed to work on my arches and my follow through, but the overall motion of my animation was better than my walk. As with the the pace I felt as though I began to development more fluid motion in Norman, especially with the lifting of the back leg. However, I needed major improvement on spacing, overlap and fall through, and placement of certain parts such as the hands. I was slowly improving but not enough.

Lastly, the pull project was, in my opinion, the best of my works and showed my improvements over the entire semester. While I still need space on some of my overlap and fall through, and exaggeration of poses, it was much better than all of my previous animations. Moving forward in animation I want to create more solidified animations that truly pop out to viewers. Working on overlap and follow through would help greatly and improving on the skills I have a grasp on would greatly help me in the long run.


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