Interactive Design: Artistic Ally

My artwork:
img_4606 ccfd386d-aad9-4e11-a9ab-784597d3ff7b e987e58a-7573-49f5-84b4-bb28d7182c97

For my artistic allies, I have chose Frank Dunston (lower two images) who is a well know artist on instagram. When it comes to his artistic design I am truly infatuated by his technique and the fluidity of his strokes as well as colors that he uses to truly bring a painting to life. He maintains this sort of animated/cartoon look, which is something that I admire and enjoy keeping in my work as well.

As for character design when it comes to my work, my artistic ally would be Masashi Kishimoto, creator of Naruto (top photo). When it comes to character design I find his work to be most pleasing to see. It has a certain vibrancy to it that blends a sort of realistic view infused with a more traditional anime style.


Masashi Kishimoto (style) 


Frank Dunston (style)

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