Advanced 3D Animation: Peer Critique

For this peer critique I am looking at the work of Rebecca Gregory and her “Animated Emotions” piece. This piece is a short animation that shows a 3D character changing his emotions from that of shy to murderous. At first watch the facial expressions of Rebecca’s character is extremely convincing. She does a great job at portraying the feelings of both shyness and this murderous intent. When analyzing the initial movement of her character, the walk during this shy faze seems a bit off. The character is walking a little too fast and it sort of breaks this image of a shy character. Most times when a person is shy or scared there is a certain hesitation in there walk that is quite evident in Rebecca’s animation. Also, the feeling that the axe is somewhat heavy is lost in her animation as well; it feels as though the axe is made out of paper rather than wood and metal. Looking at the change from shy into murderous, the overall expression is once again there. However, the overall animation of the body somewhat breaks this belief of emotion in the character. If she had added a more exaggerated pose in the animation when the character lunges forward, it would have made for a superb scene. In terms of the swinging of the arms if there was a more exaggerated pose, in which the characters arms swayed all the way to the side and really whipped across the screen, it would have made for a very powerful and “murderous” action. The overall piece was animated quite well, where there could be some adjustments in certain areas. However, the expressions of the face were very well portrayed.

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