Art Gallery Write Up: Art History 2



On April 17, 2017 I attended an art exhibition entitled “Nerve Impulses” by Electronic Integrated Artist Yuanyuan Zhang. Many of the works in the gallery consisted of video art and short films created by Zhang. There were also a series of laser cut images created by Zhang as well. The overall  demographics from each of the pieces highlighted a specific theme or emotion that Zhang was trying to convey in a series of clips and video loops with extremely intriguing sounds that connect to the overall piece. Another interesting highlight of Zhang’s work was his series of laser print images that at first glance seem like a collage of different images. However, when you step closer to the piece it is evident that the images were not cut and pasted on.

The first image is a piece from this series of laser cut prints that follow this blue man as he travels to different locations all with different creatures and objects around. The image above is the largest of the 6 images and sits at the center of the wall in the gallery. It displays a combination of both geometric and organic shapes in order to convey what seems to be the strangest and coolest looking park. We see an image of a tree as well as this blue character, who I have assumed to be Zhang. One constant object that was evident in all six images are these totem like figures. In this particular image the totem heads are green and the viewer sees their profile. This series is untitled yet I feel as though that was purposefully done by Zhang in order for the viewer to create a title for the piece on their own. Zhang is able to blend together these very vibrant and bright colors while also adding darker cuts to give greater depth to the piece as a whole. The various objects in the scene are also not random. I believe that based upon the setting in which this blue person finds himself determines the objects that are cut into the piece. In this instance the blue man is at a park, therefore the scene has some animals such as birds and dogs as well as other miscellaneous objects that can be found at a park. When I first saw this piece I couldn’t help but get a sense of space even though it is clear that piece takes place on the ground.

The second piece is a series of television screens that are all playing through the same sequence at different points. All of the screens will eventually show the same thing, however, they will never show at the same time.  The one thing that does stay consistent is the overall color. When analyzing this piece I noticed that the first screen’s (left most screen) color decided the color for the remaining three screens. The overall theme of this piece is that of birth to nature. The opening scene shows us a woman laying down in a fetal position squirming around with her eyes closed. In the next scene the perspective changes to a first person view, in which the viewer begins to walk through this very vibrant and almost psychedelic forest. It is a truly captivating experience that brings the viewer closer and closer into the piece as it progresses.

This gallery definitely gave me a new perspective of electronic art and the beauty, time, and overall detail that is put into it. One thing that really stuck to me was this mixture of both organic and geometric form. Most of my art consists of these very organic forms and motions and I never really thought about implementing the use of geometric forms to not only add to the piece, but to create a sense of depth within the entire work.


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