Advanced 3d Animation: Self-Critique
The two projects for this demo reel consist of the Goat Stool 3D model and the emotions animation.

For the first project I created a combination of a goat and a stool. For my approach I wanted to keep the aspects of the animal present but still maintain the furniture look to the model. It had been quite sometime since I last modeled something in maya so my approach to the piece was still weary. While I was able to get the overall sculpt of the model done I failed to create a certain smoothness to my goatstool. I also had some trouble and frustration with the paint weights. For this project it had been my first time making joints and actually making a model that can move, bend, stretch, etc. For this portion of the project I found it to be interesting yet challenging. The end result for my goatstool came out somewhat successful. The overall look that I wanted for the model came out as I planned, it was some of the movements that were a bit off and because of the paint weights some parts of the skin would just spurt out. Overall the piece was not a complete disaster and has allowed me to understand and learn what it means to make a successful 3D model.

The second project entailed us using a pre-made model in which we would have to animate the model changing from one emotion to another. For my model he had to change from being sad to livid. The major focus for this animation was the overall facial expression to depict the type of emotion that was being conveyed. I was accustomed to showing more body emotion rather than facial emotion when it came to animating. By understanding both body and facial emotion the overall emotion that I am trying to convey will create a more precise animation that reflects what I am trying to convey in the character. Looking at my animation I still have to improve on the speed at which the character may hold a certain pose or face. As well as the overall movement of the character. Looking back at older animations I have done, I noticed that I improved on the movement in which the character walks. Compared to previous semesters this animation is definitely an improvement and a growth in my skills when it comes to 3D modeling.

When looking back at the work i have done this semester I do see growth in my skills when it comes to maya and 3d modeling and animation. However, there is always room for improvement and I feel as though I need to look closer at the timing of my animations, more exaggeration in posing and structure.

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