Interactive Design: Gallery Write Up#2

On April 26th I attended Alfred University’s gallery that was being held. The gallery was entitled “Alchemy Juice” by Alex Zablocki and was part of the MFA Thesis Exhibition. This gallery consisted of different ceramic and clay shape sculptures. Alchemy Juice aims to show simple form and shape through color, texture, and space. The work of Zablocki was all untitled and featured only eight pieces each varying in size, shape, material, and color.

The first piece (left) was the smallest sculpture in the gallery. It consisted of two clay shapes one of a square like object and the other was a sort of right sided triangle. The right sided triangle also had a different material on the top of it. I was unsure as to what the material was but it seemed to be more rough than the clay pieces. In the light it also gave this glistening effect that really brought attention to the space between the two shapes. In terms of design this piece has dynamic line usage in terms of where the shapes start and end. They also have a meeting point at the edge which again brings the focus of the viewer to the middle. The simplicity of this work is also dynamic in the sense that it leaves the viewer with a feeling of satisfaction, the piece is done in a way that almost fulfills the viewers expectations while maintaining this simplicity in design.

The second piece (right) was one of the larger pieces in this gallery. When looking at this piece I automatically thought of an overflowing tea kettle as water is falling out from it. In terms of design, this piece definitely gives a certain familiarity that is easy for the viewer to grasp at first glance. The blending of colors is also dynamic in the sense that each color is given its own space to express itself. When looking at the sort of “alchemic” design it almost seems as though the three objects surrounding the kettle like object are what created it. The placement of the objects surrounding the kettle also portrays a sense of depth in the overall design of the piece.

After seeing the work from this gallery my initial thought was that simplicity can also have depth and value. In terms of design I tend to leave the viewer a lot to look at, rather than giving them a focal point. The work of Zablocki have made me re-evaluate my current work to see if I can create something that carries both simplicity and depth.

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