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Motion Graphics: Kinetic Typography (final)

For my kinetic typography project I used a snippet from an interview from “Sway in the Morning” between Sway and Kanye West. The overall topic of this interview was Kanye expressing his frustration with the industry and them not allowing … Continue reading

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Production Two: The Human Extension

  For my video project I decided to interpret the theme of “human extension”. When thinking about human beings, our extension to the world is through the use of our finger and the internet. The connection between the two is, … Continue reading

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Motion Graphics: Exercise/ Journal Week 3

  Using afterEffects I created this short animation incorporating a circle swirl effect  animation incorporating an adobe illustrator design of a monkey.

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Motion Graphics Exercise/Journal 2: Masking

For this exercise I used Adobe After Effects to play with masking as well as different effects that you can add to a mask to either hide or highlight certain aspects of a video.

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Motion Graphics: Animate Type Exercise

  Using Adobe After Effects I created a simple type animation by playing with both the position and rotation of my type.

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Production II: Glitch Exercise

Using Adobe After Effects we were tasked with creating glitch art utilizing noise and displacement to create a simple glitch effect to a video. I used a segment of Playboi Carti’s “Lookin”.  

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Train Concept Alstom: Advanced 3D Modeling, Texturing and Lighting

This was made using Autodesk Maya, Substance Painter, and Adobe Photoshop. Train concept design for Alstom Trains.

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