Interactive Lion Kiosk: Documentation Video

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Interaction Review: Rochester Museum of Science

When I attended the Rochester Museum of Science I had been attracted to the strobe light interaction. The device had water flowing out of a small tube with a strobe light hanging above the entire structure. The tube was connected to a small motor that controlled the speed and vibration of the tube. The interaction came from a small dial and button that the user could press or turn. The button would turn the light on and off, whereas the dial allowed the user to control the speed of the motor.

In terms of appeal this interaction was quite amusing and at first glance looked like slime moving in slow-motion. Even though the interaction was simple, it did it’s job in terms of explaining this cool little science experiment. As for the interaction itself, I would not really change anything, it is simple and straight forward. Many of the interactive games at the museum were all generally hands on activities. Not many of them required computers or tablets to create a meaningful and fun interactive piece.

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Interactive Media: Interactive Animal Game (Assets)

This gallery contains 6 photos.

  For the asset design of our group interactive animal piece I worked on all of the animations for both the lion and the hunter as well as the animation for the food. I used both Megan and Brianna’s designs … Continue reading

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Cider Creek Hard Cider: Spy Game Can Design

This is a promotional ad for Cider Creek Hard Cider’s new flavor “Spy Games”. Continue reading

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Production- Project 2: Awakening


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Advanced Modeling/3D: Still Life

This is an image of my still life project consisting of objects that are meant to represent me or things that I am interested in. These objects include a hat, a book, a sketchbook, and barbell’s.

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Still Life: Progress

This is a progression shot for my “Still Life” scene. I still need to make some adjustments to lighting.

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