Still Life: Progress

This is a progression shot for my “Still Life” scene. I still need to make some adjustments to lighting.

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Group Production: Final Check In

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For the Group Projects I mainly participated in the Underwater RPG and did some character design (which ended up not being used). I did some early design work on the “Merman” character, which was changed to a Mermaid. I also … Continue reading

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Interactive Media: Analyzing the Juice

When it comes to “juiciness” two games that I have recently played that display such juciness are Jelly Jump (a mobile game) and Hyper Light Drifter (a console game). Taking a look at Jelly Jump the juiciness stems from gameplay, the title screen, and even the game over screen. The way in which the whole screen moves somewhat like jelly while you are playing is an example of juice that I found when it came to the design of the game. As well as how the jelly cube you control jiggles as it jumps, can get stuck and wiggle in between gaps, and also how each point you get jumps like jelly as well. The constant theme of “jelly like objects” is a prevalent theme of juiciness throughout the entirety of the game. Even the sound of the game each time you make it through is satisfying and definitely adds to the games “juiciness”.

The game Hyper Light Drifter does a decent job at creating a “juicy” experience for players. The juiciness in the game can also be seen in all aspects of the game including gameplay, title screen, pause menu, etc. In terms of actual gameplay there are instances when you will hit an enemy and the screen shakes, this gives a feeling that makes it seems as though the hits that the player makes on enemies are effective and satisfying. Also, the animation sequence of combos and the “hyper light drift” all add animation components that truly add to the games overall juiciness. The audio also adds to this experience, for instance, when you hit enemies along with a screen shake there are these very low base sounds that sound almost digitized that add to this fulfilling sensation when playing through the game.

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Interactive Media: Group Game Progress


For my progress from Tuesday I worked on some obstacles for the rpg game by incorporating some concept of fish nets and corals as possible objects that may harm or protect players/enemies. (possible)

I also worked on some concept designs of characters that I had seen described in the notes from the Google Drive. This included the “Merman” , “Seahorse” and “Shark Creature” . I plan to work on assets for the horror game as well.

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Substance Painter Practice with Matt

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For my Matt texture I used a YASU theme, YASU is my own brand and the “#” looking symbol is a stencil that I created and put in substance painter as well as the “yasu-yasu” on his chest.

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Interactive Media Project 1: Asset and Level Design

For project 1 of interactive media I created a 2d game using a simple asset design in Unity. Players will play as JackL a purple jackal whose spirit is slowly fading. The task at hand is to avoid the Eyesore’s, little creatures who only want to hurt JackL, and reach the “Chamber of Crossroads” and allow JackL to regain his spirit.  Continue reading

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Production 1: First Video Piece

For my first production project I recorded different scenes of the parking lot behind the engineering building. The purpose of this project was to familiarize myself with filming and editing. I also learned how to layer certain shots so that they may blend together, as well as adding visual effects to footage.

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